Crystal Rift is an Indie Game Developed by 2 indie developers: Jon Hibbins and Nick Pittom

Founding Date : 2014
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Crystal Rift is an experiential horror challenge game that takes the player through a series of increasingly mysterious locations. The game has been developed primarily for virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift and GearVR, but is also a great experience for those without headsets. It was inspired by classic games such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder with grid-based movement.

An immersive virtual reality experience, Crystal Rift will be released with a over 20 levels, with unique styles and settings, to provide many hours of gameplay. The player slowly uncovers the narrative and story through exploration, discovering dark secrets and following the path of those who have come before.

The in-game editor also allows users the ability create and share their own content, further extending the game’s lifespan.

The latest VR alpha demo of the game for Oculus Rift can be found at for Windows and OSX.

Preorders are expected to be made available in late 2014, including Beta Test process with early adopter availability. A full release of the game is planned for Summer 2015.

Upon release we hope to be on Steam, GOG and other online stores.

Key Features:

Designed for Virtual Reality First, this leads to a rich immersive environment 3D with details you can lean into and see, this also presents perfectly in 2D.
Classic dungeon crawling experience with grid-based movement, hidden rooms, pressure plates, trapdoors, fireballs, challenges, tactics and challenges and more.
A unique and compelling story told through the environment, text and speech
An ingame Editor, you can create, edit and share maps built inside the game, no external tools required.

Fact Sheet:

About Jon Hibbins

Jon Hibbins has over 25 years of experience designing and writing games and enterprise business software. His first published game “Squigs” appeared in the Amiga Power Magazine on the September 1993 coverdisk which has also recently been updated and released on the IOS platform. He released one of the first ever HTML editors, Enhanced HTML, has developed a successful and growing bucket list social network, PopClogs, and is CTO for iVPlatform, a world leading digital voucher company. He is now excited to be working on the cutting edge of virtual reality design projects.

About Nick Pittom

Nick worked as a freelancer for 10 years on Video, Animation, VFX and CG for a diverse range of Film, TV, Games and Marketing outlets. Over the years he has directed numerous music videos and In 2012 Nick wrote and directed his first short film, ‘PROTO’, which he also edited and produced many of the VFX on. In 2013 Nick purchased an Oculus Rift development kit producing a series of VR demos, including the Spirited Away Boiler Room and My Neighbour Totoro Bus Stop Scene. In 2014 he set up Fire Panda LTD and launched a Kickstarter campaign for “RedOfPaw’s Big Stupid VR Adventure and American Pie”, from which he intends to create a VR adventure game. He currently lives in Suffolk, UK, with his soon to be wife and their daughter.

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