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Windlands Past and Future Survey

By May 18, 2016February 21st, 2017Development Updates

Hi Awesome Windlanders (is that a thing? sounds ok to me),

We have been very busy and soon we will be patching an update to Windlands (Exciting stuff with some new content too), to fill in the gap while you wait for us to get on with it, we would like to ask a personal favour that will impact the future of Windlands, we have created a nifty short survey to gather some feedback and it would be awesome if you (yes amazing you!) could click the link bellow and give us a few minutes of your time (THANK YOU!!!)

* UPDATE: Survey is now closed


  • Michael says:

    Please add a mouse and keyboard support. Using a Xbox controller, movement feels awkward and gives me motion sickness. Best example mouse and keyboard set up is Minecraft for windows ten and Ark Survival.

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