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Windlands Oculus Keys

By March 28, 2016February 13th, 2017Oculus Rift

Firstly let us take this opportunity to say thank you to every person who has EVER pledged for our games or purchased them in Early Access; without your support our games would not have made it this far strattera generic.

We too are customers and understand that early support of the Oculus HMD and early purchase of games on Steam and other stores has been a normal activity.  Today we have a new store – the Oculus Store. Obviously some people will want to access their games from one store or the other or both and that’s all good with us, but we don’t want a sad situation that our game isn’t available on your Oculus Store because you brought it on Steam and don’t want to buy it twice (even though you would love to support us twice because they are such awesome games!).

So if you have purchased or pledged for (with a qualifying pledge) Windlands or Crystal Rift before the 28th March 2016, we are happy to give you a FREE Oculus Key by filling out the following form:

Psytec Games Oculus Key Request

Thanks again for your early support!

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