Windlands Update Released! Version 0.9.7

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Again, Thank you for your awesome feedback. We are still listening and every release we focus on giving you as much as we can.

Please keep using the in-game feedback tool, as you will see, your map feedback is being fixed.

Big Changes

  • CITY!!!, yes! a brand new world with 3 more power Crystals and 40 more tablet artifacts await! You will need to collect at least 2 power Crystals from Jungle to unlock the new island in the Hub.
    PLEASE NOTE: the City is not optimized yet! We do not unify the model until it’s had some public testing (yes you!), we will start to unify City soon, so short term, please no “City has bad performance” posts.. We know, and the fix is coming, it’s all part of Early Access we’re afraid.
  • The Hub has been updated to closely represent the final layout.

Game Improvements

  • We have added particle effects and sounds to the challenge level ends. You will receive an extra bonus for getting a personal best.
  • A brand new animation for the Robot in the Tutorial map.
  • The Robot is now in the Jungle and Animates when you pick up each Crystal.
  • When the game starts, you now spawn into the opening room instead of space.
  • The Menu design has been updated with a cleaner look.
  • Deletion of the Puppy Monkey Baby assets, turns out someone else has done it.
    General Improvements and Fixes
  • Challenge Maps now have a start sound.
  • Many many map fixes, thank you for your in-game feedback, great stuff!
  • Quality Settings have now been split out. You can also change some of them in VR to help those close to minimum specification in VR.
  • Drop down boxes remaining open in the menu and a number of minor menu bugs have been fixed.
  • As usual lots of minor fixes that don’t deserve the limelight because you probably didn’t know the issues existed anyway 😉


  • We Now Support the HTC Vive really well, and have been extensively testing it.
  • We have Standing and Seated options for playing with the Vive. A new option in the VR menu enables or disables seated playing. The Seated works very much like the Oculus Rift, just grab a controller and press the reset button to reset your head position.
  • Vive 3D Input now has haptic feedback support.
  • We have implemented new models for 3D input (using hands).
  • When using 3D input you now get 2 cursors, one for each hand strattera adhd.
  • OSVR and other headsets should now work with Steam VR. Just change the setting to Seated.

Oh did we mention the new world?, City! Please keep sharing your screenshots and videos! We love seeing what you are getting up to in the game. 


Psytec Games Team

Windlands Update Released

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Windlands Update Released

Version 0.9.1


An update to Windlands has been released to Steam and will be automatically downloaded.

Big Changes

  • We have introduced the first Challenge Level so you can practice your parkour skills. You will need 2 Power Crystals to open this level, the portal is located next to the Jungle Portal.
  • There are now 40 Tablet Artifacts in the Jungle Level.
  • The Game Hub has been improved.
  • The Jungle Level has been improved with New Areas and Checkpoints.
  • You can now take your Power Crystals back to the center of the Hub to socket into the Machine.
  • We have enabled an Advance Rope mode which can be activated from the Game Menu for those who want a bigger challenge.

Please note we had to reset the save games, we never want to do this, but in this case the changes were very dramatic and it was necessary, we will do our very best to avoid this in future patches, on the bright side you get to enjoy new content along your path, enjoy…

Game Improvements

  • Rope modifying (stopping pulling and extending rope) are now working as expected.
  • You can now invert controllers/mouse horizontal or vertical.
  • You can now set the sensitivity of controllers/mouse horizontal or vertical.
  • You can now move backwards in the menus with Escape/B Button/Circle Button.
  • Game Statistics are now available in the Menu.
  • The Save Game and Statistics screens how show totals.
  • The Save Game description now contains the last played date/time and time played.
  • On Screen Game Timers (for total game time played and current levels) for Speedrunning are now available in the Menu and Via Keyboard and Controllers.
  • New Portal visuals make it more obvious when they are ON or OFF
  • Challenge Levels have timer boards displayed at the start and end.
  • We are testing Steam Leaderboard Support in this version, we hope to make these available in a future patch.
  • The in-game feedback (with x/y/z map location) in the menu is now working and calls direct API to submit tickets to us.
  • We have introduced a 2nd controller layout in the controllers menu.

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Checkpoints now work bi-directional, you move through them in either direction and will respawn in the expected direction.
  • The Tablet Artifact Sounds have been Changed.
  • Music Fading has been improved.
  • Level changes now fade in and out (instead of an abrupt switch)
  • The crosshair now correctly highlights when you can hook the object
  • Added support for more Controllers (Logitech F710, Logitech F331, SteelSeries Stratus XL and the Samsung Gamepad)
  • Added Detection for G27 Steering Wheels and Saitek X52 (& Pro) HOTAS so they don’t interfere with other controllers.
  • Many minor fixes and improvements.

Non Game

  • A new Manual is available on Steam.
  • A brand new Trailer and New Gameplay Trailer are now on Steam.

Early Access of Windlands now available on Steam

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Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce we have entered Early Access on Steam.

We want to hear you, as it is extremely important to us that your opinions are heard. We are listening and acting on your feedback.

Feedback can be left right here on Steam or within the game itself under “Feedback” at the pause menu. We will be monitoring everything and posting updates regularly.

You can also follow us on the @windlands_game Twitter and social media for updates or to get in touch.

You can also reach Luke, our Community Manager directly on Learn More. He would love to hear from you!

We are all busy working on the next patch, but for now, it’s time for you to start your own adventure!

From all of us here, we would like to thank you for putting your faith and interest into our vision. Thank you to those who backed on Indiegogo, purchased on Steam (Welcome!), and thank you to everyone who followed and played the demo over and over again. We are humbled, excited and passionate to deliver you the experience of “Windlands” and hope you enjoy the adventure!

And this, is only the beginning… enjoy…

– Psytec Games

Windlands on Steam Early Access this year

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